Thankful for loving each other. And kind. Ezme
Lives that were taken far too early
Time / Attention / Compassion
The life of the passenger Pigeon owed to the species
My Angel
46. To women who campaigned for universal suffrage
A new beginning owed to my wife and daughter
To St Rita's care home from : a grateful relative
For always staying nights to keep me safe

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Thankfull for keeping dady safe in Afghanistan and sending him home (Andre Whittle RM P650799A). Thankfull for now knowing Nanny and Pa are happy together now. Ezme


For the lost and fallen of wars may the good earth lie gently on your sacred remains. Thankyou for my freedom. Humph!

DEBT NUMBER 360233161677
OWED TO My mother
OWED BY Daughter

I always fought with my mom every time I wanted to go out with my friends. She would go " everyday you have to go out? Why don't stay home with me?" " why do you want me to sit with you when you are just watching TV? I don't want to watch TV", then out I go. She worked so so hard at home, did everything for us. I wonder how she could do all this ? I used to go to work and come home so tired that I just want to lure down, of go out of course! She used to go to work, come home to cook and do so many other things. On the weekend she would clean and visit my grandmother... My mom died last year! I feel I owe her time and attention. I wish I had spent more time at home with her. I wish I had offered her a helping hand more often. I wish I had told her I loved her as much I want to tell her now. When she was very sick, I was there for her. I did everything for her and her smile would make my day, but why did I wait that long to do those things fir her? It was as if I thought she would be there forever....I was so dumb.. Debt is a terrible thing! I can't sleep....I can't smile....I can't live...

DEBT NUMBER 20029553212
NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Other
OWED TO the species
OWED BY humanity

The extinction of the passenger pigeon is one of the most terrible stories of slaughter in the history of wildlife. In the nineteenth century, it was the most abundant bird species in America. Accounts are common of incredible flocks—travelling up and down the length of the United States—that were truly massive: 300 miles long, a mile wide, taking an entire day to pass by. One single flock contained an astounding 3.5 billion birds! Yet by the turn of the twentieth century, everything had changed for the passenger pigeon: just a few decades of relentless extermination forever banished it from the Earth. The last passenger pigeon in the wild was reportedly shot by a boy in a cornfield in Ohio in 1900. And in 1914, Martha, the world’s last known passenger pigeon, died in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo. Passenger pigeons, to a great extent, fed the colonization of America. Slaves and servants in 18th and 19th century America often saw no other meat but passenger pigeon. Later, as railroads penetrated the upper Midwest after the Civil War, they were a source of cheap meat for the developing cities of the East Coast. With this, the extinction of the passenger pigeon came with stunning rapidity. Michigan was its last stronghold: three million birds were shipped east from there by a single hunter in 1878! Thousands were shipped east each day. Eleven years later, in 1889, the species was extinct in that state. The once vast flocks of pigeons could not withstand slaughter on this scale. By the 1890s, the large flocks that had once been so common had all but disappeared.

NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Other
OWED BY amy stevenson

Alone and broken, I stood struggling to accept the reality that I’d been robbed of essentially everything I needed for the connection to Lima. The embassy was closed until Monday; It was Friday evening- bad timing.  Penniless, credit card-less and passportless in Madrid at Christmas time- I couldn’t even buy the comfort a hotel might bring. I wanted desperately to return home to the familiar; Instead I was trapped in some kind of merciless limbo. From hero to zero; I was at rock bottom when you found me. It felt like daggers in my chest, no solutions. All dead ends. A stranger or an angel; you opened up your home to me and encouraged me to  go onwards with my journey. A disaster turned into a blessing and I learned true gratitude- and for that, I’m forever indebted to you.

DEBT NUMBER lewes046

I can vote because women before me died for that right. I can choose not to vote, but this wouldn’t honour their sacrifice. Women who went nefore me – I cannot repay that debt, except by participating in the democratic process (however flawed) and remembering that the rights I take for granted were paid for in blood, bone, forced feeding and human sacrifice.  

DEBT NUMBER Fabrica 042
OWED TO my wife and daughter

My wife and I thought we didn't want children but one just 'happened' and we are so happy and grateful and impending fatherhood gave me the added motivation to have psychotherapy to cure my longstanding depression. My wife has been amazingly supportive and my daughter makes me laugh every day. I am a lucky man.

DEBT NUMBER fabrica066
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Social

For: the care given to my mother when she was ill with dementia and had lost her memory of her life and was confused and afraid.

NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Social

My mum always used to sleep on an uncomfortable bed when I was in hospital recovering from operations.