£36,000 in Degree fees
Time / Attention / Compassion
A guilt free childhood
Revenge for death
The right to vote
Vol 9:011: Months of free accommodation following my relationship breakup, to enable me to pursue a writing dream
Vol 9: 49 - Forgiveness
Burning of the Books by Wendy Young
To my many wonderful friends

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Is there something you owe, or are owed, that you would like to draw a line under? A sum of money, an action left undone or a word left unsaid? Or something owed to or by a third party, individual or institution?

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The Book of Debts will then be recited and burned, one volume per location, as part of the final performance in each city, in a symbolic act of absolution.

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AMOUNT £36000

That is the price tag of my degree, the fees only. I feel reckless about it at the moment, just enjoying my degree, and on top of that I want to do a PHD - at 6k a year, plus maintenance I am looking at owing up to the early 100k and that lasts 25 - 30 years ..Does that mean I will die in debt!? I heard that if you move abroad and become a citizen of another country, after three years your Uni debt in this country will be written off..? I would not be without my education though, so...what to do!  

DEBT NUMBER 360233161677
OWED TO My mother
OWED BY Daughter

I always fought with my mom every time I wanted to go out with my friends. She would go " everyday you have to go out? Why don't stay home with me?" " why do you want me to sit with you when you are just watching TV? I don't want to watch TV", then out I go. She worked so so hard at home, did everything for us. I wonder how she could do all this ? I used to go to work and come home so tired that I just want to lure down, of go out of course! She used to go to work, come home to cook and do so many other things. On the weekend she would clean and visit my grandmother... My mom died last year! I feel I owe her time and attention. I wish I had spent more time at home with her. I wish I had offered her a helping hand more often. I wish I had told her I loved her as much I want to tell her now. When she was very sick, I was there for her. I did everything for her and her smile would make my day, but why did I wait that long to do those things fir her? It was as if I thought she would be there forever....I was so dumb.. Debt is a terrible thing! I can't sleep....I can't smile....I can't live...

DEBT NUMBER lewes043

I feel the need to express how angry I feel for the sense of guilt imbued in me as a small child by the nuns of Notre Dame Convent. it caused me much anxiety and unhappiness then and has coloured my life since. I now am able to look back without rancour and take responsibility for living my life as I choose - but without a doubt it deformed my early life and sense of who i am or should be.  

DEBT NUMBER 360232961667
OWED BY Fritha

I am unable to tell this story


I feel a strong affinity to the women of previous centuries who stood up and challenged the assumption that we could not vote. I believe it is my responsibility to recognise that fight and use my vote wisely

DEBT NUMBER 360234110201210
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Financial, Home
OWED TO Pirate Pete

I was distraught and broken-hearted, living in hostels, with unreliable jobs, but a magazine liked my writing. Pirate Pete put me up in his spare room, rent free, for 5 months while i got back on my feet The debt I owe him can't be repaid directly, but i do try to help other travellers who I meet passing through my life - to pay it forward.

DEBT NUMBER 360235615251411
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Financial, Home

Occasionally there is a glimpse of the light, a moth like flutter through ubertiredness and dread. Mostly it’s just a stiffheavy world, assaulted by words like ugly, stupid and failure. How to reach back to the soul light, the soul truths before the glass darkly descended deeming a hollow life without delight or tears, a straight jacket of numbness. Here in the dark I reflect upon my name, I always resented it. Too short to hang dreams on. They – my parents – told me I am so named because they didn’t want to give me a name that embarrassed me. It’s origin then in the negation of suffering, it hasn’t succeeded. Years on my mother gives me a key ring citing my name with links to the Spanish Ana and the Hebrew Hannah, both preferable neat palindromes. It gives a definition; positive and caring, she can move mountains, really? I can hardly move a pen. Limited by the dark, tortured by unfulfilled dreams and envy, thought and speech bound, no rush of invention. Is this the legacy of truths untold, passions unseen, pleas unheard. Do I owe them – my parents – a debt of gratitude? Perhaps I owe forgiveness

DEBT NUMBER lewes015
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Financial, Home

I remember more easily the things I got wrong than the things I got right.  Some memories not quite so achingly accurate, faded from vivid Technicolor to a more acceptable shade,  whilst others, hover on the edge, nudged towards oblivion but never leaving entirely. Some I revisit before dismissing as irrelevant, others, less palatable, haunt me. Over the years I have endeavoured to make amends for things I would have done differently given another chance. I now have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean? Set fire to my shortcomings? Receive absolution? I wonder? Do I not have to face my demons, seek forgiveness from those I have hurt, until I am truly free of debt? What of those who have hurt me? Hurt that never really goes away but lies, waiting, for the next sleepless night, gathering momentum?   The thing nightmares are made of? The crucifying injustice that haunts you until the day you die?  Where good people, innocents, are weighed down by the inability to forgive, terrified 'forgiving' might belittle the enormity of the crime.  Is admission and apology really all that is required? For some, writing offers a pressure valve through which to release such pain.  For others, the reverse might well be true, evoking  memories, bringing pain to the fore once more - picking at the scab of time. We are all different and deal with guilt and emotion  in our own way. Some broadcast, whilst others keep things close. I am somewhere in the middle, trusting the chosen ' few'. In case, however, my cynicism, robs me of an opportunity to make good, I hereby offer up my debts, together with the 'dues' of others, in the hope that we will all get a better night's sleep.

DEBT NUMBER lewes044
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Financial, Home

For all the love and support I've had over the years - to allow me to be myself, accept myself and banish the guilt. They have enabled me to fully embrace the joy of living that was made to seem so sinful by those nuns.