Bank Debts and time and caring that I didn't spent much I supposed to
Stability, relative peace and prosperity
The world
Vol 9:005 Money/ Explanation/Forgiveness/gratitude
Gratitude to my parents
A goodbye
Vol 9: 66 -To the People who made Brixton
Eternal Thank you and Love

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Is there something you owe, or are owed, that you would like to draw a line under? A sum of money, an action left undone or a word left unsaid? Or something owed to or by a third party, individual or institution?

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DEBT NUMBER 360233471978
NATURE OF DEBT Emotional, Financial
OWED TO Bank/ Dad in Low

DEBT NUMBER 360232541566
NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Financial, Social
OWED TO Moneysystem

I changed my career and life by embarking on ten years of academic endeavour. When i had several degrees and phd felt i had strong expertise and abilities to offer society, and with a large debt behind me i decided to provide my skills commercially, pay back the loans, and contribute to society. It was 2007. I began to fly high, and on the promise of a secure professional future took on a little more debt. It seemed sensible. I really was going somewhere. Then the balloon burst. I had a young family. There was no work for the kind of blue skies projects that previously i had been sought for. I could not pay the loans. I went back to a trade to support my family. I pay a small amount to the creditors. At the age of 50 now i won't have that career i trained for. I lost ten years of my life. The money system lost £115000. Society and planet earth did not get the expertise that has now withered. This is some accounting that will never be done on paper but i offer it here as a record to show that we all lost. But i often wonder if that £115000 ever existed

NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Financial, Social

To past generations -  cut short - to my great uncle who served the great war in the RFC!

DEBT NUMBER fabrica028
NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Social, Spiritual
OWED TO the world

I owe to the earth I stand on, the animals that have shared their short lives with me, My family that raised me and the fiends that I have met through my travels. I am giving back! To the environment and all creatures great and small, May everyman and woman come to know compassion.

DEBT NUMBER 360233581988
NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual
OWED TO bank & parents/me/nobody/family
OWED BY me/brother/me

Bank - big credit is paid off after 7 hard years of putting up with lots of stress caused by losing job, credit and sometimes faith. Gratitude to my parents especially , our lovely international big family and our friends for all their support in this hard time... Makes one re- think about what really is important in life! My alienated brother still owes me an explanation for suddenly not talking to me/ us for 10 years! Do not really miss him in my life anymore..but it hurt a lot for a long time.... Gratitude for many things in my life and for wonderful nature and for having a job with a contract again! And a lovely daughter .......and many other things in life... like dreams and plans Really touched me how this art project came about as we have been trough exactly this experience as well....... What a great idea and hope it helps lots of people to get rid of some debts.... and feel free again... oh, and we humans owe our children peace in this world and need to protect them, animals and plants ... so that they can feel some gratitude that they still have planet worth living on later! Warmest wishes .......

DEBT NUMBER Fabrica036
NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual
OWED TO My parents

People will always criticise their parents for something. Yet, there is no 'blueprint' for parenting - you do your best (hopefully) from this perspective - of real, daily decisions and nurturing. I struck lucky from my parents, I was given love, humour, an openness to life - a buoyant curiosity and optimism. Life is a mixture of light and dark and it is the balancing that constitutes a flourishing life -or helps us develop me. I owe a debt of gratitude to two wonderful people and hope in turn to pass on their parenting legacy to my own child.

NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual

My grandfather died yesterday and I missed the opportunity to say goodbye in person. I love you Grandad and hope you're well

NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual

Brixton is now a desired place to live. In fact people are desperate to buy into Brixton that you will sometimes get notes through your letterbox from people looking for properties and it seems that the powers that be/ the local authority are happy to sell it off to fill the pot with the pennies that will be given in return for allowing property developers and big business to own pieces of Brixton displacing the people who stayed here when it was consider an off limits dangerous part of London. So this debt is owed to the music hall players and entertainers, the market traders, the Caribbean and Irish people who were not welcomed to live in other parts of London & those Caribbean people who bought the run down properties through pardoner systems of saving and worked hard to make those properties homes,  the working class men and women who grew up playing on the bomb sites that are now the sites of contested social housing. To the squatters and housing activists especially Olive Morris. To the Brixton Faeries, to those who took to the streets because they were fed up of racism and police brutality.  To the kids condemned as rubbish because they grew up in Brixton & the single mums who brought some of those kids up. The artists, musicians, writers, nightclub owners, London transport workers, teachers, shop keepers, social workers, keepers of local history,  street preachers and every day Brixton Characters, the different groups of people from around the world attracted to the place because it's welcoming to others/ to outsiders and you can shop for food in a market instead of a bland supermarket. There's so much more to say so many people that could be listed or credited that make up a really brilliant and truly diverse community, that has its conflicts and comings together.  That recognises and appreciates difference.  These are people who stuck with it and stood by their neighbourhood and it's people when others condemned and spoke negatively about Brixton. They were/ are resilient and fiercely defend the social and cultural fabric of their community.  Many of these people have had to or if things continue in the direction that it's going will have to move on. Pushed out and priced out as profit is put before people!

NATURE OF DEBT Ecological, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual

For the strength of my grandma who fled the German invasion of Poland and raised her family in refugee camps on her own and for being such an inspiration and support to her extended family and great grand children