The Book of Debts (VI), Lewes burns..

The Book of Debts VI, was recited and burned on Sunday June 8th 2014 at the back of the Foundry Gallery, Phoenix Estate, Lewes, East Sussex, on the site of the former Lewes Phoenix Theatre, including the studios of many local artists, which was recently completely destroyed by fire. The event closed the group show ‘Future Dreaming, at the Foundry, initiated by artist Guyan Porter and exploring systems for imagining the future.

I was joined  for the first time by 10 co-reciters, whose powerful and moving entries to The Book brought a whole new dimension to the project. Around 120 people stood on the land to listen to the 92 stories contained in The Book, which is at the centre of a conflicted vision for its future, between corporate and sanitised development plans and the preservation of its existing cultural capital , built up over 7 years by cultural, educational and community workers and groups of all kinds.

One thought on “The Book of Debts (VI), Lewes burns..

  1. Such a powerful site to hold it on. The pictures really reflect that beautifully. Great to bring it home and let it go, thanks, Annax

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